Eid-ul-Adha – 2024 

Consider donating your Qurbani to children and their families in need  this Eid al-Adha

Together, we can make sure families celebrate Eid with joy and without hunger.

Eid-ul-Adha Qurbani 2024 made easy

One Qurbani costs $250 in Pakistan.  With one Qurbani, 10 families can be fed with 5 pounds of meat minimum.
For One Qurbani   For Two Qurbani   For Four Qurbani  
Custom Donation     for     Qurabani's  
One share in Cow   Full Cow (7 Shares)  
In my name or in memory of my loved one's  

Qurbani Orders are currently being accepted by HoC.

Financial Donations

  • Online Donation:

    Transactions are processed through Paypal.

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  • Zelle Transfer: [email protected]
  • Check:

    Payable to The House of Charity

  • Donate by Mail:

    Print out a form, enclose your donation and mail it to:

    The House of Charity
    10802 Sugar Hill Drive, Suite A
    Houston TX 77042
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