Volunteer Development

Volunteer Development


For over 23 years, The House of Charity has been making a difference in local and global community. Achieving the big dream could only be made possible by the dedication and commitment of Volunteers. Through Volunteer Development program the volunteers generously bring 1,960 hours of unique talents per month that are crucial to the success. Through the following programs we give short and long term safe volunteer opportunities that support our mission.

Our goal is to develop a sense of morale and spirit of volunteering while teaching volunteers valuable skills from their chosen following projects and the people they meet.

Hospital Buddy Program: Hospital Buddy program provides critical direct support that improves healthcare outcomes for underprivileged patients around the Globe. It connects burn patients in developing countries with young volunteers across the globe into the most beautiful bond of friendship. These young volunteers will become Volunteer Buddies and will pair up with the patient that becomes his/her Patient Buddy.

Mentoring & Training: Provides one on one training to volunteers who are interested to start their own nonprofit. Mentoring includes variety of areas such as finance, fundraising, human resources, marketing, public policy, graphics, public speaking and social media through our international and domestic programs

Patient Care: Volunteers are provided opportunities to assist with patient care to children and youth with disabilities at Healing Home. The culture exchange opportunity is a strong component of The Healing Home, where Houston youth meet patients and their families from all around the world. Volunteers help to teach spoken English and a variety of subjects to children or adults at the Healing Home.

Medical Missions Abroad: We help to create a global impact to our local youth by creating global volunteer opportunities though our Medical Mission Abroad Program. Our international network of hospitals enables us to channel the skills of our volunteers and place them according to their interest in fields such as nursing, medical care and administrative assistance, etc. Positive personal experiences of our program help dissolve divisive geographical, cultural and political barriers and leads to greater human understanding and world peace

Please email your interest at: [email protected] with the attached form