Healing Home

Healing Home


Healing Home provides housing, meals, transportation, daily activities and counseling for convalescing children. Children who are in need of specialized surgical care for severe burns, other traumatic accidents and congenital birth defects. The House of Charity works in close collaboration with Houston area hospitals.

The House of Charity Healing Home was inaugurated
on July 12, 2002 by Dr. Robert McCauley, Chief of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Shriners Hospital, Galveston, TX.

The Healing Home is more than just a place to stay for
these children. We are providing a safe and comfortable environment for these children to not only heal physically but also heal the mental wounds they have received from a life of special challenges, neglect and ridicule. The most beautiful part about the Healing Home is that it brings children from all around the globe and backgrounds together to come and live under one roof, just like a family.

Story of Elvina

Our little Angel from Papua New Guinea

Setup of Healing Home in 2001

Healing Home gives HOPE to live and to thrive

Healing Home Patients