Healing Home

Healing Home


Healing Home provides convalescence to burn survivals who are receiving medical and surgical treatment for their burns in Houston and Galveston. The House of Charity works in close collaboration with Houston and Galveston area hospitals, who generously donate their services.

The Healing Home is a critical part of the recovery for these children.  Children from ages 1-16 are provided free convalescence at The Healing Home for as long as their recovery takes.  Healing Home is a total care home where convalescences, physical, and emotional healing, recreation, educational and schooling are provided under one roof in family-oriented environment.  The home can accommodate 8 children at a time, who are under the constant care and supervision of a nurse, care givers and dedicated volunteers.

The Healing Home is more than just a place to stay for these children. It is their home where they are comfortable and safe to not only heal their physical wounds but mental wounds they have received from a life of special challenges, neglect and ridicule.  The most beautiful part about the Healing Home is that it brings children from all around the globe and backgrounds to live under one roof just like a family.

Healing Home was inaugurated on July 12, 2002 by Dr. Robert McCauley, Chief of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Shriners Hospital, Galveston, TX.

To date, Healing Home has provided over 1,000 surgeries worth $5 million cost free for burn survivals from around the world including the United States.   Children that benefit have few alternatives and are plagued with catastrophic burn injuries which, for many, have resulted in total disfigurement, blindness and/or inability to move specific limbs.  Not only are these children in need of reconstructive restoration in order to go on with the simple tasks of everyday life, they also must now live with the lingering effects of post-traumatic stress disorder as they struggle to come to grips to what has happened to them.

The results are amazing - they heal fast, their personalities bloom and they gain self-confidence.  They learn to live for today and tomorrow, no longer overwhelmed by their torturous past. On the other hand, Healing Home provides volunteer opportunity to Houstonian who generously brings 1,960 hours of unique talents per month that are crucial to the success.

Setup of Healing Home in 2001

Healing Home gives HOPE to live and to thrive

Story of Elvina

Our little Angel from Papua New Guinea

Elvina an adorable five-year-old girl born in the small island of Papua New Guinea. Half a world away from America.  Her birthplace is what locals call the bush a forest area inhabited by hundreds of different tribes.  At only two years of age Elvina was accidently burn by fire.  Due to her disfigured face she was abandoned by her family as they think she was in affect of an evil spirit. Cletus a missionary working in that area found Elvina in a bush and brought her to orphanage.  Then he started looking for help from international organization. Eventually the House of Charity Healing Home responded to his call of help and she traveled from Garoke, Papua New Guinea to Houston Texas, USA

Healing Home Patients