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In Pakistan 1 person gets burnt every 5 minutes, either accidentally or non-accidentally? And that 75% of burn victims are children. The tragedy is that there is no functional Children’s Burn and Reconstructive Surgery Hospital in Pakistan.

This project is a preventative intervention which will:

• Save precious lives of the children; http://enews.epakistan.com/no-medical-treatment-for- electrocuted-child-in-lahore/
• Provide Burn treatment & Reconstructive surgery to children under one roof; Among the pediatric patients, burn has emerged as the 3rd most frequent cause of mortality due to insufficient burn facility in the Nation
• Prevent mortality and morbidity of children suffering with Burns, Children ages 5 and under are more than twice as likely to die as any other age group with burns (http://www.stanfordchildrens.org/)
• Prevent Lifelong disfigurement and disability of children suffering with burns; In Pakistan, 35% children with burns have disability (www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs365/en)
• 80% of burns to children are preventable

In 2013 “Children’s Reconstructive Surgery & Research Center” (CRSRC) was launched at Shalamar Hospital as a pilot project to provide Reconstructive surgery to children suffering with burns and congenital deformities. The Pilot Project has met its phase one goals of providing 600 reconstructive surgeries and 500 acute burn treatments yearly with complete physical & occupational therapies, pressure garments, splints and counseling.

After successful operation of four years we are broadening the scope of CRSRC to include Intensive Burn Treatment for children. “Children’s Burn & Reconstructive Surgery Center” will be the 1st such center in all of Pakistan.

Mission Statement: It shall be the mission of Children’s Burn & Reconstructive Surgery Center to be a leading Center of Excellence in Burn Treatment and Reconstructive Surgery by highly trained and experienced professionals delivering world class medical care to patients with compassion and dignity.

Our Vision: Become the best at transforming children’s lives by providing holistic treatment of burns from acute care and reconstruction, to rehabilitation and psychological counseling to children in a patient and family centered environment.

Naming Ceremony

Hashmat Effendi’s response to human suffering has put smiles on the faces of thousands of children suffering with burns and congenital deformities in Pakistan and around the world. And, because of that, Shalamar Hospital proudly naming the Burns and Plastic Surgery department on Hashmat Effendi, Said Chaudhry Ahmad Saeed, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Shalamar Hospital, Lahore Pakistan 25th November 2017.

Due to her lifelong commitment, passion and dedication to children in Pakistan, Hashmat Effendi has received Tamghe e Imtiaz, the highest civilian award given by government of Pakistan in 2008.

Hashmat Effendi I am humbled to be in the presence of this memorable gathering of Honorable Syed Babar Ali Sahib, Chaudry Ahmad Saeed Sahib and distinguished guest.  I am honored that Shalamar Hospital is naming the department on me.

I feel that my work in Pakistan has been a long cheer hard and persistence journey for me – My life's work in which I have seen the agony, pain, suffering and hopelessness of the humans and human spirit.  - My earliest recollections are that I used to accompany my father to Poly clinic Hospital in Islamabad.  Being a government officer, he would get excellent service, attention and medications but the sick and suffering poor remained unattended and were desperate.  Even at that young age I felt their pain.  They were the ones who really needed help.  So, I would sneak them my Vitamins.  By the time I was 14, I was using my father’s contacts to obtain free hospital treatment for beggars and poor children.

So this journey from distributing medicines on the streets to receiving this honor at Naming Ceremony today - would not have been possible without the blessing of God Almighty, Prayers of my parents, understanding of my family and support of Shalamar Hospital staff and management.

Well know author once said, 'When you learn, TEACH. When you get, GIVE. So, I gratefully accept this honor of naming the department on me today with an abiding faith that I, my volunteers and my children will continue to struggle to give back even more to sick and poor of my home country who I love very dearly so that I might even be more worthy of today's honor.

Together, we are indeed making a difference!

Thank you very much. May God Bless you all!

About Hashmat Effendi Burn and Plastic Surgery Department

Our Mission:

To treat patients with world-class Medical and Surgical Care for the best possible outcome, delivered with Compassion and Dignity.

Our Vision:

To be a Center of Excellence in Burn Care and Plastic Surgery providing holistic Treatment by trained and caring professionals in a positive family centered environment.

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