The House of Charity is developing children for tomorrow by working with them today

Our Vision

We envision a World in which Children receive the opportunity to develop into Healthy & Productive Adults!


In 1997 the House of Charity was began in a laundry room of a modest home in the Woodlands, TX. 23 years later The House of Charity has provided aid to more than 195,000 children in USA and around the Globe.

Surgical Treatment

Providing FREE medical and surgical treatment to children and youth who are suffering with congenital, burn and accidental deformities and disabilities – children who are struggling to live a normal life with the pain of their condition. More Information

Healing Home

Healing Home provides housing, meals, transportation, daily activities and counseling for convalescing children. Children who are in need of specialized surgical care for severe burns, other traumatic accidents and congenital birth defects. The House of Charity works in close collaboration with Houston area hospitals. More Information

First Safety and Burn Prevention

Burns are the third leading cause of accidental deaths in children from birth through nine years of age, the sixth leading cause of death for children ages 10 through 14 and one of the top 10 injuries treated in emergency rooms for children under the age of five. Nearly 75% of all scalding burns in children are preventable. More Information

Disaster Relief and Recovery

Disaster Relief and Recovery efforts provides relief to indigent population in Houston and around the globe with dignity and compassion. More Information

Volunteer Development

Volunteer development program focuses on creating strong relationships with its community creates greater volunteering opportunities for children and young adults.

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