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Volunteer Development Volunteer development program focuses on creating strong relationships with its volunteers, community leaders, and local community members. Interacting with community creates greater volunteering opportunities for children and young adults. Our goal is to develop a sense of morale and bring back the spirit of volunteering by providing safe volunteer opportunity to children and youth at local, national and International level through the following:
The Summer Internship Program The House of Charity provides opportunities to youth to spend the summer working side-by-side with some of the leading businessmen, medical professionals and humanitarians.  As volunteers youth gain a great deal of valuable local and international work experience with the most skilled and successful professionals. Reading Buddy Program The House of Charity Reading buddy program provides opportunity to community volunteers to help students in high poverty neighborhood to improve their skills. Projects Abroad in the Global Economy We help to create global impact to our local youth by creating global volunteer opportunities through our International Medical Mission Program. Our international network of hospitals enables us to channel the skills of our volunteers and place them according to their interest in fields such as photography, documentary making, web designing, nursing, medical assistance, etc. Cultural Exchange Through House of Charity Youth Development program volunteers learn from their chosen projects and the people they meet. Positive personal experience helps dissolve divisive geographical, cultural and political barriers, leads to greater human understanding and world peace. The culture exchange opportunity is a strong component of The Healing Home, where Houston youth meet patients and their families from all around the world.  Every child they meet offers them a unique individualized personal cultural experience.  We at The House of Charity believe that enduring bonds that bring many diverse cultures of our world closer together into one global community. Volunteer Teaching Volunteer help to teach spoken English to children or adults at The House of Charity Healing Home. There are also many opportunities for teaching a range of other subjects: Science, Math, Art, and Music. Patient Care and Special Need Volunteer are provided opportunities to assist with patient care to children and youth with disabilities at The House of Charity Healing Home. Sports Coaching Volunteers contribute time and energy to coach soccer, cricket, volleyball, basketball and a variety of other sports. Public Relations Internship Provides Public Relations opportunities at the Office working closely with newspaper, magazine, radio and TV station. Partners in these efforts are ABC channel 13, various periodicals and local radio stations. 
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