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Educational Resource Program One in five children under the age 18, or 21.3%, are living in poverty in the United States, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Being a child in a low-income or poor family does not happen by chance. Parental education is associated with children’s experience of economic insecurity. Poor children are more likely to become poor parents. To break this cycle of poverty it is crucial to break the barriers to education success. Our vision is to end child poverty by providing essentials and supplies to the children in high poverty neighborhood so they acquire the knowledge and tools they will need to achieve and advance in life through the following:
Children’s mobile library program It is a reading empowerment program for elementary children grades preK-5. It promotes positive academic development; advancement and motivation in children by helping them improve reading performance through increased reading practice at public schools in high poverty areas. It aims to help children develop intelligence, zeal, zing and a sense of accomplishment by providing: more time to read, engaged adults to read with and interesting reading material, activities and rewards.  Pajama & Storybook program Every child deserve goodnight sleep, PJ program provides new books and new pajamas to children in need in Houston and surrounding areas School supply & uniform program Every child deserves school supplies, clothing and warm meals regardless of their economic background.  This program benefit a child by giving them school supplies, clothing and uniform and teacher the items needed for the class room. Ho Ho Ho program This Project is designed to bring joy to children from low income families during the December Holiday Season.  Working together with local non- profit agencies and churches to secure a gift to each one who is registered to participate with us. Thumps Up for clean hand program The goal is to provide reading opportunity to children as they learn the importance of good hygiene practice, it will not only helps to increase school attendance but also give children a positive sense of cleanliness.